Pass Along The Inspirational Peace Cards
That Shelter and Feed War Refugees

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We've created a wonderfully enriching and creative way to spread peace and happiness throughout the world with Pass Along Peace Cards.

Each Pass Along Peace card contains a unique ID number. When you pass the card along to someone new, you have the ability to track the path of that card as it passes from one person to the next. You, as well as each person who receives the card, will also have the opportunity to share how the messages in the cards have impacted your life. This wonderful opportunity allows you to see the tremendous impact that your giving and sharing of peace has in the world with all the people it touches as your message of peace extends from one person to the next.

To track your cards now, please enter the cards unique ID number below and click the button that says Track.

If you don't yet have Pass Along Peace Cards please click the link below to see our wonderful selection. You can give the cards away to family and friends, leave them with your tip at a restaurant, on the ATM machine when you get money, give them to a grocery clerk or person who serves you, share them with coworkers. The list of possibilities is endless. One side of the card contains an inspirational message of peace, while the other side contains instructions for how to track the card through this website.

Finally, if you have not yet taken advantage of our free poster offer please click the image below. Our Posters of Peace are perfect for hanging in your home or office to remind you to choose the voice of peace in your life.

Thank you for passing peace along!

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